Reinstatement of Anti-Dumping Duties on Frozen Bone-In Chicken Pieces from EU and Brazil


After a 12-month suspension, the International Trade Administration Commission (ITAC) has decided to implement anti-dumping duties on frozen bone in chicken pieces from the EU and Brazil to protect the local poultry sector and mitigate the effects of high food inflation on struggling South Africans. This was done by inserting these duties into the tariff book as an amendment of Part 1 of Schedule 2 of the Customs and Excise Act of 1964.

As of today, the final anti-dumping duties from the 2021-2022 investigation have been reintroduced. These duties vary, ranging from Zero to a substantial 265.1%, depending on the company. The table below gives the exact results. You will notice that XA’s client achieved the best overall outcomes in every country.

ProducerProposed dutyAdvisor
Agroaraçá Indústria De Alimentos 39%Barral Parente Pinheiro
Agrosul Agroavicola Industrial S/A 16%Barral Parente Pinheiro
Avivar Alimentos Ltda35%Barral Parente Pinheiro
Aurora Cooperativa Central Aurora Alimentos 17%Trade Law Chambers
C.Vale – AgroindustrialNo dutyXA
Cooperativa Agroindustrial
28.3%Brindis Remedies
Jaguafrangos Indústria E Comércio De Alimentos Ltda 18.18%Barral Parente Pinheiro
Rio Branco Alimentos S/A 3.31%Barral Parente Pinheiro
Seara Alimentos Ltda No dutyBarral Parente Pinheiro
Zanchetta Alimentos Ltda 8%Barral Parente Pinheiro
All other Brazilian producers265.10%
HK Scan7.75%XA
All other Danish producers67.4%
Manor Farm2.49% XA
All other Irish producers37.52%
Animex Foods Sp. Z O.O. 2.25%Baker McKenzie
Drobimex Sp. Z.O.ONo dutyXA
Plukon Sieradz Sp. Z.O.ONo dutyXA
All other Polish exporters96.9%
Distribuciones Avícolas Vázquez S.A.U.7.56%Sidera
An Avicola Melida S.L.9.95%Sidera
UVE S.A14.62%Sidera
Grupo Vall Companies22.6%Sidera
All other Spanish exporters 85.8%

In August 2022, the South African government initially suspended the anti-dumping duties on frozen bone-in chicken portions from Brazil, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, and Spain for one year. The decision was made in response to the challenging economic conditions and high food inflation faced by the country’s population.

With higher duties in place, imported frozen bone-in chicken pieces from the affected countries might experience price hikes.

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