Covid. Ukraine. Protectionism. Inflations. Fuel prices gone crazy and unemployment at terrifying levels. This is our world now. The need for trade is greater than ever, while the ability to trade is harder than ever.

This is difficult terrain to navigate, which is why you need advisors who thrive in difficult, pressurised situations. Which is why you need to speak to XA.

From anti-dumping to duty removals. From disputes with Customs to planning so these disputes can be avoided, XA understands.

Services we offer

Trade strategy

  • Developing robust strategies to deal with imported competition
  • Finding the optimal markets for goods you wish to export
  • Trade agreements; both helping companies or industries to incorporate their interests in new trade agreements; and helping them to best utilise the benefits offered within existing agreements

Trade strategy pulls together all of the other threads into a cohesive offering, rather than handling a particular problem in isolation.

Trade defence

Keeping trade flowing or strategically slowing it down, when it presents a risk (our Open Cases report is a showcase for our thinking in this space).
  • Anti-dumping
  • Safeguards
  • Duty increases
  • Duty reductions
  • Rebate creation or changes

Industrial Policy

We have built specialised tools in this space. XA’s Policy Map allows us to map out and prioritise which government policies or laws most impact a company and then using XA’s Policy Assessment Matrix we can determine how much of a risk / opportunity is posed to a company by the policy. All of this is accompanied by specialist advisory work.


This is all about compliance. When companies find themselves on the wrong side of Customs, we are the guys to go to. The big topics are:

  • Tariff classification
  • Valuation
  • Origin
  • Bond and rebate stores
  • Customs risk management

And here is how we do it:

Understand the problem. Break it into its components. Apply our extensive data, experience and wisdom to the problem, to solve it. Put the pieces back together and help the client implement the solution.

Practically, this means that we learn from every mistake we make (literally, we debrief after every project or more frequently on longer projects, identify our mistakes and successes and update our way of working, to learn).

We are very good project managers, able to comfortably handle large numbers of complex projects.

Sector expertise