Request to reduce the import duties on canned minced anchovies


Unique Selling Points (Namibia) applied to reduce the import duties on canned minced anchovies, cleared under tariff code 1604.20.30. The duty is currently 25% and they wish to have it reduced to 6c per kg by creating a new tariff code for “Minced in airtight metal containers for human consumption”. The reasons provided are:

  • Canned minced anchovies provide people with limited financial resources with access to a low-cost source of protein.
  • Other types of canned fish products are not subject to the 25% duty currently imposed on this product.
  • Imported products do not compete with any locally produced goods.
  • Canned minced anchovies should be compared to tuna product variants that carry a duty of 6c/kg and are imported entirely, despite  not having local  a local producer.
  • The reduction of customs duty on canned fish products will not have a negative impact on any labour structure.

Interested parties have until 21 April 2023 to respond. 

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