Rebate created for duties on steel cord | Anti-dumping duties removed on Frit | Duties increased on rock drills


Duty relief for steel cord used to manufacture conveyor belts

On 20 May 2022, ITAC initiated a duty rebate investigation for the importation of steel cords used in the manufacture of steel cord-reinforced conveyor belting, tariff heading 7312.10.40. The application was brought by Dunlop Belting, which substantiated that there is no SACU manufacturer of steel cords and, therefore, the prevailing customs duty serves no purpose.

On 22 September 2023, ITAC published a rebate amendment for steel cords used to manufacture steel cord-reinforced conveyor belting. The amendment provides for a full-duty rebate on steel cords imported for the purpose of manufacturing steel cord-reinforced conveyor belting under the rebate code 460.15/7312.10.40/01.08.

Anti-dumping duties removed on frit from Brazil

On 22 September 2023, the anti-dumping duties were removed on frit from Brazil because the domestic producer didn’t request an extension and so no sunset review was done. This has been backdated to 14 June 2023, so any imports of frit from Brazil can be claimed back from that date. It is not clear if frit is still manufactured in South Africa.

Duties increased on rock drill and earth-boring tools

The import duties on rock drilling or earth boring tools, cleared under tariff codes 8207.13.27 and 8207.19.15, have been increased from zero to 20%. This covers “Conical-shaped cutter picks with tungsten carbide inserts” and “Conical-shaped cutter picks without tungsten carbide inserts”

Two new tariff codes have been created for bits and parts of bits and these duties too have been increased to 20%.

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