Provisional anti-dumping duties imposed on windscreens from China


On 22 July 2022, ITAC initiated an investigation on the alleged dumping of windscreens for motor vehicles tariff heading 7007.21.20 imported from China. The application was brought forward by Shatterfrufe, a division of the PG Group, claiming a dumping margin of 10.69%.

The commission has concluded that sufficient information has been provided to prove that SACU is experiencing material injury due to windscreens imported from China. As a result, Commissioner has requested SARS to implement the following provisional measures  for the next six months:

Chinese producerRate of provisional duty
Dongguan Kong Wan Automobile Glass Limited18.36%
BSG Auto Glass Co., Ltd19.45%
Residual duty (anyone else)26.67%

These duties will remain in place until 9 August 2023. If final duties are are not imposed before then, then the provisional duties will be refundable after that date. If final duties are imposed before that date, then they will replace the provisional duties and remain in place for 5 years.

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