Hellman’s out – MAYU in!


Only in South Africa would you find the crazy, brave people who would start up a mayonnaise factory after Unilever’s announcement that they would no longer be selling Hellman’s mayo in South Africa. – “Don’t worry, South Africa – we’ve got this…”, with a mock-up picture of their “MAYU”, followed by a disclaimer in smaller font, “Just kidding. We’ll miss you, Hellman’s”. Meet the folk at NOMU, who start with a joke and end with a factory.

South Africans being, um, South African, didn’t read the fine print and placed orders. It took a hot minute, but now the MAYU is flowing and XA have, of course, just purchased a few bottles.

Setting up a factory in the current business environment is a beautiful show of faith in South Africa and we can all do it with a little bit of bravery brushing off on the rest of us.

Doing crazy difficult things is what XA is about and nothing embodies this more than what NOMU are doing.

1 500 tons of mayo were imported into SA in 2022, worth R62m. Take a bite of that sarmie NOMU!

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