Application to amend rebate items used for the importation of other electronic conductors


On 21 July 2023, ITAC initiated an investigation to amend and renumber rebate items 316.17/00.00/01.00, 316.17/00.00/02.00, and 316.17/00.00/00 used for the importation of other electric conductors, classifiable under tariff subheading 8544.42. The application was brought by Apex Cordset Technologies (Pty) Ltd, citing the following reasons:

  • The applicant is a manufacturer, supplier and exporter of a wide range of cables and cordsets for use in various electrical appliances and as such a significant contributor to the SACU economy;
  • Over the years the company has increasingly come under pressure from low priced imported insulated electrical cables/conductors (subject products) originating from China. Sales and production volumes have, as a result, declined over the years;
  • The company has discovered that the subject products are imported from China through rebates that were created in the past which have had unintended consequences through market distortion;
  • Although these rebates were created as part of duty relief on materials and components for the manufacture of several products including monitors and set top boxes, there is sufficient domestic capacity to meet local demand of these electric cables;
  • The rebates therefore serve no purpose when there is a local producer and the withdrawal from rebate of these materials is needed in order to level the playing field and ensure long term viability of the domestic cable industry manufacturing the subject products; and
  • This will help support the growth and development of our domestic industry, create new jobs and stimulate economic growth within the country.

Interested parties have to submit their responses by 21 August 2023

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