Anti-dumping case on active yeast imports from Zimbabwe


On 18 August 2020, ITAC initiated an investigation on the alleged dumping of active yeast, tariff heading 2102.10, from the Republic of Zimbabwe. The application was brought by Rymco trading as Anchor yeast, which is the only producer of the subject product in the SACU region.

This is an odd case, partly because its the first anti-dumping investigation against an African state since ITAC was created in 2003 and partly because Zimbabwe is only the fourth largest supplier into South Africa. It’s not clear how they can be the target of the investigation when the far larger suppliers have been ignored. The picture below clearly shows the problem.

It is hard to overstate how aggressive the cat is that has been thrown amongst the Zimbabwean pigeons. Bringing an anti-dumping case against a fellow African state, while we are trying to negotiate a continental free trade agreement appears to be politically excessive. This is doubly so, when Zimbabwe is only the fourth largest supplier to South Africa.

Interested parties have until 17 September 2023 to submit their responses.

Don’t miss the deadline. If you do, your response will be discarded by ITAC. Many companies lose cases just because of this.

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